Friday, January 23, 2009

Organ Donation

I was reading Aimée's blog entry for today and the comments that followed. I am very happy that we are actually having interaction on the blog. That is great. I am curious who Anonymous is, but I guess they will say who they are when they want to.

I remember as I got my drivers license people saying that if you put donor on your drivers license the EMTs won't take the time on you as they would others. if you get in a car wreck (like they are going to try and find your wallet first anyways). However, I remember in Junior High that we had this kid who got ran over by a parent as he was running across a 4 lane road to watch a fight. He died that weekend and all of his harvestable body parts were donated. That was when I decided to always be a donor. Obviously this was way before our families experiences in 2007 (hell year).

I guess my issue with the episode is that once you live something, when you see it portrayed on TV they will never get it right. I'm okay with that 99% of the time. After 8 years of working with electronics it's hard to watch any movie with electronics and not critique it or get a little grumpy as they "TRY" and use something. HOWEVER, organ donation is a far cry from a sliding signal on an oscilloscope. I wouldn't be bothered by the episode if there was a Post Script at the end. Saying something along the lines that "Organ donation is a vital program that saved 23,000 lives between January and October of 2008 (Source: but there are over 100,000 people waiting on organs right now, please contact your nearest Organ Donation Organization so you can find out how to help." That is EXACTLY what they did at the end of an episode of "Secret Life of an American Teen" about physical abuse. Is that so hard?

We all know TV is made for the drama/entertainment, but this is just one of those things (abuses: drug, physical, spousal, children) that we as a society need to stand up keep educating people on. If TV can waste time with 6 commercials during an hour on how to get some old dude back in bed with his old lady, why can't we see the story of a 6 month old baby who just got a new lung and has a chance to live or the 28 year old mother of two who slipped into a comma to come out just in time to receive the liver that she was told 2 months earlier she would never get?

Just my thoughts, what's yours?

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  1. You're expecting it too much. There are some shows that do dedicate the time and energy to recognize what is going. I think Law & Order SVU does say something some times, but not all the time, and there have been few other shows that want you to help support the cause of what they just showed you. I know 24 did for the kids in wherever they were that were joining the wars so early... but anyway, because you've seen the reality and experienced it you know what it is really truly like. Yes, it would be nice for the producers to do good with the ability that they have but really, at the end of the day, they don't care enough... they just move on to the next retarded episode. I think I had the lack of pleasure to watch 5 minutes of that dumb show last week and Bryan and I just looked at each other with the look of why is this show still on?! Because it is creating people to talk about it... But like I said on Aimee's post, Hollywood is wanting the Disney ending which in turn makes some people feel that is the way it is. They are using this time to help everyone escape reality while also giving off false hopes.... And now you know why we watch Dirty Jobs on Discovery....