Saturday, February 21, 2009

3 down

Well people I am three days down. It isn't too bad out here.

We have 3 main chow halls to eat at. The BBQ one called the tent(mentioned previously), the Dragon (standard fair nothing really great) and then another one called the Koele (I think). We went to the third one tonight and then walked down to the BX. They have some good food at this chow hall also. The guys have a pattern of when they eat at each one. Kind of helps you know what day it is. They do Saturday Sundaes also. The BBQ joint is usually Tuesdays. I am having troubles remembering the day of the week already so I am going to have to figure something out.

The BX was okay. I have no clue why anyone would by a wide screen TV here or computer games, but they do have them for purchase. It's not like you got a freaking room to hang it or time either. They have the standard things like barbers and people selling you local crap for too much money also.

The other day after the rain and snows the sky was clear and I got to see the mountains around the base. Pretty nice all things considered. They are covered in snow and that is pretty cool.

I've got a pretty good routine down now. I get up around 0900z (Z means Zulu or Greenwich Mean Time) and hit the gym. Then I come to the MWR tent and check email and the post office for the fun of it. Then it's shower and dress for work. I get off work between 0000z and 0100z and then it's off to bed. I decided to update the blog tonight because I couldn't wait to find out if Aimée got to see Vern Yip and she did. GO AIMEE.

I know she is out with her folks doing her monthly blood work and they are all going out to dinner. I hope they have a good time and take it easy.

Well that's it folks. You all take care and I will type at you later.

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  1. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Three days down Yippee! And you're already getting things figured out so that is good. I knew those mountains were majestic, at least you have something pretty to look at. I'm glad you're getting some exercise too, that's always good for the soul. I got out and walked today and am hoping to do it again tomorrow if it isn't raining to hard. Take care of yourself.~Love Mom~