Saturday, February 21, 2009

Almost Time To Get Ready

We've had a good morning and last night was fun as well. We ended up watching The Sound of Music, but all fell asleep in the living room shortly after 9pm.

Andrew had his Deployment Support Group at school yesterday and he loves going. They talk a lot about stress and healthy ways to deal with the feelings kids go through during a deployment (anger, sadness, stress, etc.) He brought home a work-sheet that they did and it opens up some doors of communication when we look at it together. We actually had about an hour long talk this morning about everything from my first date, to drugs, to how amazed he is that we aren't sad all the time. Natalie goes on either Monday or Tuesday, but I'm not sure with their school schedule rotation. She is really excited.

Drew decided last night that he wanted to make breakfast this morning, so I supervised while he poured the cereal, cut up bananas and poured milk. No mess and he was really proud of himself. He told me that he'd like to do it every day. I told him that in a few years he'll have to do it everyday and will be wishing for the time when I would pour cereal or make a waffle for him. He agreed and decided maybe it would be a weekend thing instead.

We had leftover roast, potatoes and carrots for lunch and now the kids are playing in the office on the computer and Nintendo. I spent over an hour today organizing my bills folder, but feel good now that it is finished and I know where and when everything is. I made Pickled Beet Eggs (recipe here) this morning and ran the dishwasher. I neglected my other chores and decided to clean out under the sink because the plastic bag situation was out of control. I did find that I probably won't have to buy kitchen cleaner for two years! The kids and I then cleaned their bathroom, again with Drew really wanting to learn how and help out. Unfortunately, I ran out of paper towels so the mirror looks worse than when I started but the toilet is sanitary. So yay.

I didn't get to anything else this morning, and now I have to take my pills, do makeup and figure out what to wear to see Vern Yip. The good news is that I don't have many wardrobe options, so whatever I wear will just have to do! I had intended on vacuuming and dusting, but will probably get to that tomorrow or Monday.

I'll send a picture of Vern Yip with my blackberry later, hopefully. Aren't you glad I told you all about my cleaning and bill organizing? I just realized how boring this post is! Funny.


  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Well I for one didn't think it one bit boring. I loved every word of it. I'm glad you are so on top of everything. A smooth running ship is a happy one. I was also very excited about the support group for the kids. This is a remarkably wonderful thing for the whole family. I hope all of you have a fantastic day.~Love Peggy~

  2. I truly like hearing about your days!! Even the boring parts, cuz if I'm reading this I don't have to do my own cleaning!! which is in desperate need! Hey they make these great cloths for mirrors and windows. They are blue and kind of a knit fabric. Use them and throw them in the washer and use again, forever. They NEVER leave streaks and are one of the best things I ever bought. I got mine at Target, but I have seen them other places in the cleaning supplies, around sponges...very inexpensive and REALLY inexpensive when you save all of those paper towels!!! If you can't find any, I could get some and send them!! Love, Me