Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DeeDee's Birthday

I just ordered Natalie's birthday presents and wanted to give (some) of you a heads up. I got her the Nintendo DS and two games. I've led her to believe that she won't POSSIBLY be getting this, so it will be a surprise.

There are a lot of games on her Amazon wish list, about $20 and up, so if you'd like to get her a game for her birthday, it would be THE PERFECT present. Here is what she got from me:

If you do get her a game from somewhere other than Amazon, please just e-mail or comment to let me know so I can take it off her wish list. I'm really excited for her because it's the first time she is getting something that her brother didn't have first. I'm sure we can ALL guess what Drew will be getting for his birthday, though! Thanks everyone!


  1. We have a DS, Andy's mom bought it for us for Christmas. I *love* it! I seriously play it every day. The only game we have that Natalie might like is Nintendogs, but we have quite a few games that you (as an adult) might like (CrossworDS is SO much fun!). After playing our DS, my mom went out and bought one for herself (the pink one you pictured). I know Natalie will love it!

  2. oh yeah - i didn't mean that *you* wouldn't like the kids stuff... i just meant the CrossworDS game is probably too old for Natalie, she probably wouldn't enjoy it too much. God knows we have kids games for ours and Andrew is too young for them, so we play them LOL Although I am thinking about getting him the Wonder Pets game for his birthday. He likes watching me play Nintendogs, so he'll probably like that too.

  3. My niece got a Nintendo DS for Christmas and she LOVES it!! I think DeeDee will really enjoy it. Juli has been playing this fashion designer game.