Sunday, February 22, 2009

Exhausting and Cold, But Awesome Day

So, it was freezing yesterday and I woke up with pain in my hip, knees, and back for the first time in awhile. One of the reasons I didn't push the cleaning around the house was because I didn't want it to get worse before seeing Vern Yip. My parents got here shortly before 2pm and we were off.

Parking at the Qwest center left a lot to be desired and we ended up having to walk in the cold for two blocks to get inside. I was in a lot of pain by the time we found where Vern Yip would be speaking and there was still 30 minutes before he was scheduled to talk. So I sat down and listened to the Better Business Bureau talk about scam artists and identity theft and crap like that while my parents took the kids to look around the Home and Garden show. It was lucky that I did sit and stay since the place started filling up fast and by the time Vern Yip came on, there were a TON of people standing. So, having pain paid off since none of us had to stand while he spoke.

He talked about trends in decorating, the in colors of the year, how to make your space look better before selling, etc. He talked about his past and how he got into design, he was funny and personable just like you see him on TV. Before he started speaking my Mom went up to him (I was too shy) and gave him the Donate Life bracelet and green ribbon pin I had brought for him. He put the bracelet on and wore it all through his talk and everything. Mom told him briefly about my story and he said he was touched and hugged her twice.

After his talk, he took some questions. Two were interesting to me, about the show's budget and time constraints, but then every question seemed to be people asking him how they could personally improve their house/space. I was starting to get worried that another hour would go by so he could tell every person how to decorate their house. Finally the guy handing around the microphone took one more question. At that point, people started lining up to the autograph table so I slipped in line before it got to long (again, smart move).

When I met him, he was so nice and charming, just like he was in my coma! I was a little tongue tied when I spoke to him, again briefly telling him about his role in my coma. He said that if he would have known I was expecting him, he would have been there! Thankfully my eyes only teared a little and I didn't cry. My dad took some pictures with the good camera and Vern Yip signed my liver pillow and took some pictures with me and hugged me. He wrote on my pillow:

Great to meet you!
You are beautiful!
Much love-

I'll take a picture of that as well when I get a chance. I don't feel like uploading to my computer now.

After that we trekked back to the car (at this point it was windy and making it even more cold) and we headed to the hospital to have my blood taken. After some snafus with our GPS's we found the hospital and went up to give blood. My Mom hadn't been there with me before, so it was good that she was able to get familiar with how to get there, since I can't give directions. Just show you where to go.

They actually did 6 vials of blood instead of the normal 4 and I had to give a urine sample. I had to get the guy to go into the bathroom and disinfect the toilet before I would go pee pee since there was urine on the seat. GROSS. I didn't think I would be able to since I had not had any water yet, but was able to give. So that was good.

We braved the cold to get back to the car and went to Applebees for dinner. They have a great deal going on there right now where two people can get an appetizer and two entrees for $20. My mom and I did this, and my Dad with Drew. Natalie, of course, had Mac & Cheese. I wasn't very hungry, but I had ordered the breaded shrimp. I don't think my body likes fried foods that much because my stomach started to hurt again after I had eaten about 4 shrimps. My Mom ended up giving me some of her pasta (YUM) and that didn't upset my stomach as much. My stomach wasn't doing well most of the day yesterday after I took my noon pills.

We got home and for some reason our heat had gone off so it was COLD in the house. I fixed it (power surge maybe) and the kids and I bundled up in pajamas, sweats and blankets, and we all fell asleep about an hour after getting home! We were exhausted. I did wake up at about 2am, hungry and had the rest of my Mom's pasta and was able to go back to sleep until 7am, which was great. I know I needed the rest.

I took the nasal spray last night, and today I have no pain in my joints or back, so that is awesome. About 45 minutes ago I got a call from the medical center. They told me that my liver levels are all fine, but my kidney levels are a little high. I explained to her that I am on my period, didn't drink water yesterday, walked around in pain, and am a little stressed with Dave gone, which she said are all reasons that would make the kidney levels off. She's going to consult with my doctor and call me back to let me know if I have to go back in the next day or so to get blood drawn again. I'm hoping they just figure with all the crap going on, that any one's kidney levels would be weird. The nurse was really nice on the phone though, but freaked me out because the first thing she asked me was: "What's going on???" and I started freaking a little until she told me that my liver levels were fine and it was the kidneys. She also remembered talking to David before he left and asked me to thank him for all he's doing and that everyone there appreciates him so much.

I'll update again when I hear back from the doctor or nurse. Apologies to everyone, but the blog is also one of the ways that Dave and I communicate right now, so I'm putting in some details that I would normally leave out. It's just easier to tell the story once.


  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I love all the details, makes me feel like I'm right there. I loved what Vern wrote on your pillow! Same thing David and I have been saying to you for 10 plus years. Guess we're not full of hot air!!I love you and am glad the hip pain is gone today. Take it easy and enjoy the rest of the weekend~Peggy~

  2. That's a great blog entry. I love it! Sounds like a huge success being able to see Vern. Congrats. Thanks for sharing it all with us. Stay strong! Love Ann

  3. What a fantastic story of you and Vern! You should totally apply for his "Deserving Design" show!!!! I'm glad that everything went well with the doctor's. Stay strong and healthy!

  4. I love all of the details :) I feel like I've been a little TMI in my latest blogs, so I loved hearing about your pee tests too :)

    BTW, my "captcha" says "DINCO"... My Andrew would love it... looks like DINOCO and he's a Cars fanatic. Totally out there, but I had to throw it in. I miss you!