Thursday, February 26, 2009

First week done

Just in case you weren't keeping count, my first week is done.! Actually it was about 12 hours ago that it passed one week. I am settling in very well. The job is great, something that I am very much enjoying and doing and that is going to help the time scream by. I usually work from about 11:30 Zulu (or Greenwich Mean Time or UTC) until about midnight or 1am. It really isn't that bad since I didn't realize until the other day that I'm going to bed around the time the sun comes up! By the way I updated the clock on the side and the UTC time is the time I am living on in case you care/wonder.

I did my laundry yesterday and as I finished I checked the mail and I had boxes from both Sally and my Mom. Sally sent me sheets and I threw those straight into the wash and they went on the bed last night. WHAT a difference some sheets that are fitted make. That was by far the best sleep I have had since I left Nebraska. Thank you Sally, that is going to help my energy level every day. She also threw in the box, my Croc sandals. Those are MUCH better for going back forth to the shower in, than the cheap pair of sandals I have. Weird standing in the shower with Croc's on since they feel like shoes, but I will get used to it. They are much quieter when walking through my B-Hut and I'm sure my neighbors appreciate that a great deal!

Mom sent me some books that we had talked about before I left Carolina that I wanted (and a couple she and Terry thought I might enjoy) and some much needed nice Toilet Paper. They got lots here but it's that cheap military sand paper quality crap. Not exactly the best stuff to use when you are sitting at a desk for 12 to 14 hours a day! The books are on my "shelf" in my cuby hole awaiting my attention. Now that I have good sheets to sleep in I think I will take more time to read each night and be able to enjoy the books as I unwind each night.

I'm excited to see how Aimée's Thursday goes. As expected she is taking care of business when I am gone better than anybody but her expected (and to be honest, better than I do when I'm there)! I can never say too many times how much I love her and the kids and how very proud I am that they support me while I do this job. Hardest job in the world is that of a military spouse and I am sure that Lulu and Cathy can agree to that!

Well that's it folks. Not much else to report unless you want to know the trick to using the toilets around here. You all take care.


  1. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Fabulous! Congrats on your first week down and a great day for mail! Nothing like fresh sheets and a happy tush! It's really quite fun sending you things knowing it will be fun for you to receive them and enjoy things from home. Terry was sure to tell Melissa to check the blog tonight, he was very pleased with your first week posting, dinner had to wait until he was finished reading. We all love you very much and are in the front of our thoughts and prayers. We love you!~Mom and Terry~

  2. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Dave, I'm so glad to hear that you are settling in okay. Of course Aim is doing great without you, we all knew she would!!! Not that she doesn't miss you like crazy!!! Take care, be safe and come home soon. Love you Shan