Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Hailing!

I'm back from my Doctor's appointment. It is really close by so I ended up arriving early and getting out early. Aside from the pain (I forgot how much having a low-lying cervix sucks) it went well and was quick, just how I like those kinds of appointments. I have lost 12 lbs, but you wouldn't know it to look at me. I think it all came out of my boobs and butt, but they are still ginormous.

Lunch today is canceled, but should be a monthly thing which is good. I am probably going to take a nap at some point today, clean the kitchen, and get ready to watch all the good shows on tonight. Natalie's presents should be arriving today, which is good. I just hope the guy remembers to knock since our doorbell doesn't work very often.

That's about it for around here. We are all doing well and looking forward to the weekend. It seems like by Thursday, I get lonely for the kids and can't wait for them to be home. They really are the best kids in the world! I may have something more interesting to say later, but for now, I need to take some Tylenol for the downstairs pain and rest!

Oh, and it's hailing along with rain here. Not fun, but not as gross as snow!

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  1. Anonymous12:08 AM

    I'm glad you survived the good ol' exam, doesn't get much more fun than that! It's too bad your luncheon was canceled I was anxious to hear how it went. At least there will be more. We had rain today too but no hail. I think we get to see the sun tomorrow. That will be a nice treat. By this evening you should be feeling better after the big exam and nice and warm in the house with the kids. Another weekend of fun is almost here!! Have fun!~Peggy~