Thursday, February 19, 2009

Made it!

As Aimée posted, I have made it and I am safe and sound. There is a little snow on the ground around here and it is raining today but other than that it is nice for weather. I got in last night and got my "room". I am sure I have had desk spaces bigger, but hey this isn't the Hilton right? In my cubbie I have room for two twin mattresses on the floor and that is it. In the space of one of those is my twin bunk bed (hey kids, now Daddy has a bunk bed also!). The top bunk is my dresser and the bottom is my bed. There is a small shelf unit thing made of plywood. Hell, EVERYTHING is made of plywood! There are two shelves plus the top. I have my pictures from home on the top and then just other stuff on the others. I have a little light that attaches to the bed and a fan and a power strip for amenities. There a FEW of these little cubbies to each hut. We have THICK blankets covering our doors and going from the top of our walls to the ceiling to keep the light down. It's always dark in there because of shift workers so you also have to always be quiet. This makes setting everything up the first time a little bit difficult but I was issued a head lamp to use and that helps A LOT!

So, I got in last night, met the guys I work with and was shown around the joint in the dark. Then I stayed up long enough to go to bed when they did to help with the transition. I got up this morning and headed to the gym and got in some exercise! On the way back is the morale building so I stopped by to give everyone a little update.

There really isn't too much else to say right now. I'm very glad to be here instead of Pope. That was getting freaking old sitting in the hotels! I will be sending Aimée a list of things that I would like for my cubbie. Apparently everyone usually brings in there boxes from home and puts all of the food in the break room and shares, so don't worry about sending too much SOMEONE will eat it up!

Well I am off to the showers and then in to work. You all take care out there and I will talk at you later.

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  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Aimée forwarded me your text right away, about 5:30 our time yesterday. AH! (sigh Of relief). Thank you so much for that, both of you. I'm glad you are there with both boots on the ground and already a little time under your belt, and closer to coming home. Of course Terry and I say our prayers everyday for you along with everyone I know. Now that you are there and will be keeping busy this will be so much better. I know how you feel about hanging around hotel rooms so this has to be an improvement. You'll get your little space figured out and it will be just like home before long!! Take care of yourself and we will wait to hear more from you or Aimée. I love you David!~Mom~