Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sleeping Bag

This is my 5 piece sleeping bag. the one on the right is covered up by the one on the left and is covered by the bit on the bottom (if needed for warmth). Then there are two cases for it. As Aimée will confirm, I need room for my legs to move when I sleep and I am usually hanging one leg out of the sheets so this MIGHT take a little getting used to. The good thing is I will be warm. I figure I will probably just put one under me and use the other as a blanket. Will have to check weather and comfort of the cot I'm going to use first!


  1. youll be warm AND look like a mummy!

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM

    That looks quite cozy! And I'm sure you will be plenty warm, especially with your thermostat! I hope you really enjoyed your barbeque yesterday. Can't wait to hear about the weekend~Love Mom~

    And what a beautifuly picture of Austen and his Mom!