Friday, February 20, 2009

Vern Yip -- Tomorrow!

Can you tell I'm excited yet? I am! It's VERN YIP people. Dave and I started LOVING him when we first started watching him on Trading Spaces during a marathon that we watched while visiting Nebraska for Christmas when Natalie was baptized. I don't think there have been many (if ANY) rooms that he's done that we haven't loved. He is actually the inspiration behind me zen-green living room with the bamboo, elephants and fish. Obviously, it's not done as well as a professional would do, plus Dave won't let me paint in this house, but his rooms always looked so soothing to me, so I copied him (minus the FRIENDS poster, that's all us).

The kids' school just called. Natalie got hit in the face with the tether ball. They had to call me because it was a head injury, and to prove that I am an inappropriate mom, the first thing that went through my head (the nurse started by saying "Everything is fine" before explaining what happened, so I guess I'm not THAT bad) was: "Well, at least I know it didn't knock out her front teeth." Yeah, compassion IS my middle name. Anyway, she's fine and back in class now.

I am doing laundry today. Two more loads and it's finished! Woo. After we go see VERN YIP tomorrow at the Quest Center with my parents we are going to go ahead and grab some food then head to the hospital and have my blood taken. I had to get on the phone with them this morning because I had a question about having to give my pee-pee sample and after some confusion, everything is fine and we're on for giving blood tomorrow evening. I just have to take my evening pills a little early today. Since I have been waking up between 3-4am, I have been taking all my pills a little earlier, so it shouldn't be a problem.

I am anxious to see how I am doing without the Prednisone. So far, I can not see any difference in my body but some of my pants are a tad bit looser and my Mom said on Tuesday she could see a difference in my face. I have to keep reminding myself that these things take time and not to worry about the weight as long as I am eating right (yes) and my doctors say I am healthy (yes). I can definitely tell the difference in my mood now that I have been off it for awhile. I have a lot more patience with most things, I don't get grumpy (pissy) if I don't eat right on time and I am never really hungry. Thankfully I do have to take the pills four times a day, which reminds me to eat when I need to. The last thing they want is for me to go back to not eating, and while that option is still in the back of my head, I just have to remind myself that being skinny didn't solve my problems at all, and that food is for energy and is not the enemy (thank you shrinks). Of course, by looking at me now, you would never know that I don't eat constantly. The whole food/weight thing is an hourly issue for me, but thankfully I have some good coping skills now.

(So, TMI? Maybe, but there you have it)

The kids and I are going to watch more movies tonight (probably High School Musical 3 again and again until we have the songs memorized. We LOVE IT! And Dave's not here to complain about musicals!) After our adventure (VERN YIP!) tomorrow we'll probably veg out some more, since the kids are all about "three amigos" time during the weekend. I'm not complaining.

That's it for now. It's time for pills and food. (I love you DAVERD!!!)

I love the rest of you too :)


  1. I love you too Aimée!!

  2. I think that's Jeff's favorite HGTV designer. In fact we have seriously considered applying for a make over show but Jeff only wanted him. Too funny.

  3. Sally7:08 PM

    I love you having a sense a humor and mentioning that it couldn't knock out Natalie's teeth. Glad she is okay. We are looking forward to Vern Yip!

  4. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Great post Aimée! It's so good to have you back to normal. I hope you have a blast tomorrow and the blood tests all go well. Enjoy your time with your Mom and Dad and then movies with the kids. Katherine was excited about you seeing Vern too and wondered if you entered to win the house in Sonoma. Take care and have fun!~Peggy~

  5. I love you! I have had similar thoughts to the teeth thing with all of my kids at one time or another, not an inappropriate parent, just a NORMAL one!!! Glad everyone is OK and hope your tests go are doing a great job!!