Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The waiting is over

Well the wait is finally over. It has been a long couple of months waiting for this deployment but it is finally here. Aimée and the kids are fast asleep (it's 4:50am). We did our goodbye's last night, I really hate walking out the door hearing all of the crying. I don't think it's good on any of us. I couldn't sleep for anything tonight and mostly just laid in bed from midnight until about 30 minutes ago. I have all of my stuff taken care of and now I am waiting on my ride. I should be in Fayetteville by 1:30EST today and then it's a course for about 2 weeks and then I fly again.

On a happier note; I really loved the Superbowl. My team didn't win but they sure as heck made it interesting. They covered the spread and that is pretty good. We had a good time watching it as a family. Aimée tried very hard to yell with me and that was fun. She was also the one yelling for us all to be quiet before the game started "I want to hear the commercials!". It was a good time.

I have also added a link under my links that says "World Clock". If you want to know what time it is in Afghanistan, just click on the link. I also left up the East coast, Omaha and the west coast. Enjoy.

That's all I got, I hope you all take care out there and I will talk to you later.


  1. Take care Dave! Be safe and update when ya can. We'll all take care of Aimée for ya :)

  2. Wow, time sure flies!!! Hope your flights aren't too bad... Text when you can. I love you dear brother

  3. God speed Dave. You and the family will be in my prayers. Go be a blessing and THANK YOU for serving us all.

  4. Sally9:56 AM

    You will be in our prayers and hearts. We are here for your family if they need us. Stay safe, we will miss you.

  5. Stay safe and know that we are all praying for your quick and safe return. I will call and check on Aimee...you all as always are in my heart!