Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another Nurse Call...

The school health office called again today while I was on the phone with Peggy. This was once again a courtesy call to let me know that Natalie was hit in the head. . .again. This time with a jump rope. After being reassured that she was fine, inappropriate mother that I am, I totally cracked up and didn't stop laughing for a good five minutes. I had to repeat myself several times to Peggy to tell her what had happened. I mentioned that I may have to start sending my daughter to school in a helmet, for her own protection. I checked, and she does not have a bulls eye on her head.

My legs were feeling a bit better today so I picked the kids up from school and we drove (for the first time since Dave left) to base and did a "big" grocery trip. Although my joints hurt now, I'm really proud of myself because that was the first time I had done that without Dave or one of my parents helping since way before I got my new liver. I figure it will get easier each time, and probably I shouldn't wait a month to do it, either.

So there is food in the house, and I'm waiting for my joints to stop burning to finish putting the dry stuff away. I may not post a lot in the coming days, as Dave's Mom and Terry will be here until Monday.

(Seriously, those big things of Tide are very heavy when you have to lift them up and down four times! Thanks for doing it before, Dave. I can't wait until you come home. Not just for the heavy lifting, but you know, that is part of it. Crap Bag.)

((that was from FRIENDS.....))

(((for Melissa, too ((((That was from Tommy Boy...)))))))

Well, that could go on forever, couldn't it?


  1. What I love is the bullseye hat. That girl better learn to protect her melon!

  2. At least the people in the title of the blog are commenting :) xoxo

  3. Your poor daughter! I used to joke when I was in high school that I really should have been padded with some soft, squishy CHarmin tp or something to prevent the accidents and clumsiness! LOL

  4. enjoy your visit. take it easy and rest up those joints.

  5. There are so many things to comment on I can't even begin... nor can I stop laughing..... I may have to come back to this when the tears dry!!!!

  6. Get that girl a helmet..brings back memories of my elementary years..ask me to tell you about the time the"tree ran into me!!!" Actually, I don't think I outgrew it after elementary school..or ever!!
    Hope your joints start feeling better!
    Love, Denice

  7. Get use to the drama. Wait until she's a teenager.