Saturday, March 21, 2009

At Least It Wasn't The Flu...

Thursday night and Friday for most of the day, I felt like a piece of roadkill. I wasn't running a fever or anything, just felt like poo. So, I napped and forced a ton of water into myself and finally took some Tylenol Cold, which ended up doing the trick. I'm feeling much better now, other than waking up with a killer headache, which I am hoping will go away soon, without having to take more Tylenol.

The kids didn't have school yesterday, so they spent a lot of time playing outside, watching movies with Mom, and playing on the computer. We ordered pizza for dinner and watched Wife Swap, which is our Friday night show. At about 10:30pm, Drew told me that he was smelling something burning, like marshmallows. After I got up, I was able to smell it down the hall. I turned off the heat and figured that had to be the problem. Then when I went into the office to balance my checkbook, I noticed the smell was stronger. I went over to the kids' computer and noticed that the screen was FUBAR. I turned off their computer and haven't inspected it yet this morning, but shortly after that the burning marshmallows smell went away. I think maybe the monitor blew a fuse or something because the cords were all fine. It was just an odd thing to have happen.

Today we are going to Target to pick up Twilight, getting Drew's hair cut and grabbing something for lunch. I asked the kids if they would rather go to base, but they love Target and said NO! So, Target it is, which is closer anyway.

After that, I'm hoping to get some time to watch Twilight. I'm pretty sure it would be okay for Drew to watch, but Natalie still gets scared pretty easily, though she is pretty excited that we'll be getting the movie. She is still attached at the arm to her Nintendo DS, so the birthday present was a total hit. Now I just have to use my self-control and wait until July to get Drew's, even though I really would like to get it for him for Easter.

That's about it. I am going to close my eyes and try to get rid of this headache before it's time to head out for our errands.

Note to Daverd: The stupid computer smell thing is totally in your area of things to take care of. Have I told you lately that I miss you? I do!


  1. glad youre feeling better... i was sick as a dog tues night, wed, and thurs... ended up in urgent care with an iv - i had stomach flu and was really badly dehydrated. ughhhhh it was NOT fun. yep yep i got my twilight last night, but still havent watched it yet - waiting til jose comes home tonight. itll be our 1st time, though ive read the book. we never could find a sitter for the lil guy so that we could go see it.

  2. I miss you to honey. Note to all: when noticing the smell Aimée checked the heater and the fuse box in the laundry room first (check the big ticket items that can bring the house to a bad sport first SMART GIRL). She even remembered to check the cords coming out of the monitor to make sure they weren't hot and could produce a fire after figuring out it was the monitor! DAMN she's good!

  3. I wonder if it is allergies that is making you feel like roadkill. yer allergic to missing chicken and I! Yeah, that is it!!! Glad you're feeling better....
    it's good to see yer running around a lot more these days. That is so awesome! Have you found firefighter lane yet? I wonder how close we would be to eachother.