Monday, March 23, 2009

A good book

So we have been passing around this book at work: "Why Do Men Have Nipples" Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini" It is freaking funny and I think ought to be standard issue when you turn about 20. Such questions as "If you are on an island should you drink your urine or saltwater" The answer is neither but he explains what each will do. The book is riot. Did you know that your fingernails grow faster than toe, That your dominant hand grows nails faster than the other? The authors have done two books we have passed around the first one and everyone loves it. If you get a chance and need a funny bathroom reader, pick this one up.

That's all I got really. I'm really impressed at Aimée's electronic problem troubleshooting. For someone who says she doesn't listen to me and doesn't understand she sure is pretty smart. Looks like we need to replace the monitor that I have had since Fayetteville (13years is not bad for a computer monitor that has moved through 10 houses and was painted (ahum, aimée). It earned it's keep I think.

It's raining out here and I know Aimée would love it. We sleep in these "huts" for lack of a better term. They are made completely of 2x4s and plywood. EXCEPT the roof has sheet metal to protect it. You can hear every rain drop. Since Aimée loves to sleep to her rain CD it reminds me of her when I hear it.

Well that's it folks. Another day another dollar. You all enjoy yourselves!


  1. dude, that's mine line (another day another dollar)
    glad you're keeping entertained!
    Love you

  2. I've heard of the book, and now you have me intriqued to buy it. Keep your chin up out there Dave!