Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday List

  • I haven't really been in the mood to blog, which is why you've gotten a bunch of time wasters instead.
  • Today, after school, is the kids' parent/teacher conferences.
  • The color on the television is being weird. It's faded. I'm hoping that turning it off more often will help because it would take me a year to save up for a new, nicer one.
  • Speaking of things I need to buy, my bed situation bites. My back is KILLING me this morning. I want to get a nice California King eventually. Again, probably in another year or so.
  • I do still love my living room furniture, the couch is what I like to call: The Sleep Inducer.
  • The kids went shopping online for the first time this weekend (they gave me cash and I put the purchases on my debit card...) Drew got two movies (Newsies and Leroy & Stitch), Natalie got two Nintendo DS games (Build-A-Bear and Barbie Fashion Show) -- they shipped today.
  • I so wish I didn't get so grumpy in the morning.
  • Prednisone really was the pill that gave me the ferocious appetite. Now I have to remind myself to eat on a regular basis, because without Dave here, I honestly forget to eat.
  • However, I had popcorn last night. It was wonderful.
  • While we were watching "The Amazing Race" last night, the kids decided to clean the living room. I got up to help them and I was informed by my son that I just needed to relax and take it easy.
  • Drew ate three bowls of leftover chicken & rice soup last night. He said it felt "refreshing"
  • I can't believe it still hasn't been a month since Dave got to Afghanistan.
  • He got the calender I sent to him through Amazon in less than a week, and the first box I sent out in a week. I think that says a lot for our postal system. I'm impressed.
  • That's it. I am going to nap today so I'm alert for the conferences later.


  1. Your kids sound like such joys. Take care of yourself! :-)

  2. I love lists. Seriously. I love you more though! I think you're a woman after my own heart! Andy always jokes about my lists LOL

  3. Those kids are definitely keepers!!!Give them hugs from me!I know they don't remember, but remind them I was THERE!! Take care, sounds like you guys are doing GREAT!!

    Love you all, Denice