Friday, March 27, 2009

Moved Blog and Boxes

As was pointed out, I have moved all of the old blog entries from Turkey to this blog. I have the old blog locked down and put away and don't use it anymore. So I moved over 99 entries in there correct dates. The problem is I had to cut and paste so all of the comments are lost to time. Well, not really just lost to this blog. You can go look back through starting in June or July of 2005. It was wild seeing some of the posts and remembering all of that.

I would like to send a little thank you out to Sally & Gary and Steve and Laurie for sending me boxes this week. The treats from Sally & Gary were great. They were shared by a few of my coworkers and there has been a request for more Peanut Butter pretzels. They went VERY FAST! Steve and Laurie your box was great also. I was just about done with the find a work puzzle book I had so the Soduko book is perfect timing. I keep it in my cargo pocket and when I am waiting for the computer or sitting through a boring meeting I drag it out and enjoy! So thank you. And the guy who sits to my left snatched the lemonade cookies before I could see the box. The best of course comes from my wife. I got three boxes from her over the last week or so. I got a box of goodies (I love the Pop Secret BLAST O BUTTER popcorn!) and other needed items. I also got new Shoes because my sneakers blew up out here and the stupid BX only carries shoes in children sizes so she had to go online and buy a pair I had looked at previously. She also sent me some Gold Bond Powder. That stuff is worth it's weight x 100 in GOLD!

A couple of nights back it was my turn to burn some papers at the burn pit (Like I need an excuse to burn things!). So I was out there and these two guys came up and were burning some of their papers. We start talking and it turns out one of the guys is from Santa Clarita and graduated the same high school as Aimee and I but in 2002 (so we wouldn't have a clue who he was). It was pretty cool to be this far from the world and run into a guy from my high school.

That's all I got folks. You all take care out there and I will talk to you later.


  1. Anonymous8:16 PM

    I will get on the peanut butter pretzels. I wonder if the person from Santa Clarita is someone I taught? Send the name if you remember it. I am a little jealous of the burning! :-)

  2. Sally8:17 PM

    Sally is the anonymous idiot who hit the enter button too soon!