Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Natalie is 8!

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

I'm sure there will be more posts and videos throughout the day. This is good for now though!


  1. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Your birthday is the perfect time
    to wish you nothing less
    than favorite memories, plans and dreams
    that bring you happiness,
    for birthdays are a link between
    the future and the past,
    reminding us to treasure most
    those special joys that last.
    Happy 8th Birthday Natalie!
    Love, Lulu, Alan & Ariana

  2. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Happy Birthday Natalie! I hope your day is filled with fun, smiles and all the wonderful things that make you happy. Papa and I both send you lots of love and wishes for the best day and a great 8th year! It was so much being there with you and see what a wonderful young lady you are growing into. Enjoy YOUR day! ~Love Granma Peggy~