Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Nebraska/California Summit and The Wonder Years Discussion

Let me start out by saying this. It is snowing right now. Seriously? I thought it was Spring, Nebraska! Why do you have to walk on my sunshine? I bet California knows it is Spring. Perhaps the two of you should get together so that California can advise you on how to make your weather patterns more appealing for people. Nebraska, today you are a disappointment.

Secondly, I would like to address the team over at the weather place from WOWT Omaha. You people shouldn't put up a ten day forecast. It is never, ever accurate. Actually, you should probably stop with forecasting your weather all together. I don't believe you have gotten the high, low, rainfall, or snow outlook correct once since I have been reading you everyday. THIS is why people should not watch the weather stations. All it makes you do is get mad when they are wrong and wonder if they have a little game spinner with them in the office when they make their predictions. Then, if God forbid, a tornado happens, all of a sudden they MAKE you listen to them because it's a flipping tornado and you have to listen to someone. I believe that Nebraska should also discuss the tornado nonsense with California at the summit.

While, earthquakes are scary, at least you don't sit around for four hours to wait and see if they may come around or not. They just happen, then you deal with it. I prefer them, if I have to choose a natural disaster.

In non-crazy, non-personifying states news:
Lily did well at the vet yesterday. She is still very lethargic today but chased the ball a little for me earlier. She is now sleeping on my feet. The vets loved her and told me that she should teach a class for all the other Pomeranians so they would know how to act.

I wasn't feeling well last night, you know, stomach problems, but am much better today. My mood has improved since I wrote the bad mood post. Not to worry. Sometimes the people just have a bad day. I am one of the people.

I'm impressed with the lively (for us) discussion that my post from yesterday generated. Obviously, I don't talk about Star Wars enough. I've also been told that it is time for another video. I'm not sure if I can handle doing The Piew again (that is a lot of work, playing with Barbies, let me tell you!) but I have something in mind for the next installment of my time wasting. We'll see.

So, here's my question for today. Did you people watch The Wonder Years? What ever happened to Paul and Becky Slater? I know Wayne (the Big Brother) is now in cahoots with Charles in Charge and they made a VH1 reality show about has beens which I watched only for Christopher Atkins who I liked when I was younger because I thought he was Luke Skywalker's brother (don't judge) -- That was until I saw The Blue Lagoon and that fantasy was shattered. (they should have invited Buddy Limbeck onto that has beens show - I hear he REALLY needs the cash) Everyone knows about Winnie Cooper, I was even compared to her in high school before the chubby gene attacked. She was recently married and is a total math wiz. Remember when Kevin was in a band and they played for the party? Anyway, feel free to discuss your memories, thoughts, feelings, etc about The Wonder Years and its cast, episodes and awesome music in the comments. That is our topic for today.
Oh, and the reason that won't ever come out on DVD (I read in either Time or Newsweek) is because of how much money it would take to buy the rights to ALL the songs they used. Bummer.


  1. I had a big crush on Winnie Cooper. And you looking a little like her kind of explains some things, huh?

  2. Sure. But I never had a crush on Gonzo, so I really don't know...(hardee har har!)

  3. ohhhhhh the wonder years... gosh, i loved that freaking show. i wanted so much to be all cool like winnie cooper. we only had the same hair and headbands, thats it.

    when i read your blog it made me want to hear the theme song again, so i YouTube'd it... whenever id hear this come on, id come running... gosh, great show. miss it.


  4. I think I had that "girl next door" vibe going for me, more than the looks. That, of course, before I rebelled and got my tongue pierced, etc. That was the end of any association between me and Winnie Cooper.

    My mom bought the five CD soundtrack from Costco when I was in High School. I'm actually borrowing it now, which is what made me think about it. My friend and I had the whole thing memorized and used to dance around the house to those songs all day long.

    Hey Dave - is Winnie Cooper on your "list?" I wasn't sure!

  5. Glad your feeling better. Better weather will be here before you know it!

  6. Considering that Jeff transfers old tv shows into DVD's (deals with the music only), it seems odd to me that they wouldn't have the Wonder Years in process. Sure the music is VERY expensive, but they should just swap it out for cheaper versions like they do with every other show changing over to DVD. That's really too bad.