Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not My Best Today..

I was in a pretty wonderful mood for most of yesterday. I'm not now, so to save you from too much bitchiness, I will resort to a list to fulfill my blogging quota of the day.
  • Yesterday the kids and I traveled to the BX, Goodwill, and the store for milk.
  • We came home and got Lily and traveled with her to Petsmart where she stayed for a vet appointment which included a physical and getting her shots up to date.
  • We stopped at Burger King and watched Prince Caspian (and I took a small, much needed nap since I was up at 1am), then took off at 3:45 to go get Lily. Natalie was very nervous about having her at the "doctor" and was VERY glad to be going to retrieve her.
  • Lily's vet advised us to get her teeth cleaned before spaying her. So tomorrow after I take the kids to school, I am off to Petsmart yet again to leave poor Lily for a much needed teeth cleaning, which I am told will help with her poop breath.
  • Lily has not quite been herself today, which I am assuming is because of the shots from yesterday. She really wants to just sit with me and has actually yelped at the kids (no biting) when she wanted away. She hasn't done that before.
  • After the Kid's Choice Awards on Nick last night, the kids and I turned off the lights for Earth Hour. The darkness proved too much for all of us and we conked out in the living room.
  • I did wake up around 11pm to take my last set of pills. I was able to go back to sleep and for once, sleep through the night. Woo.
  • Today started out well, we watched a movie, then the kids decided to clean/play in their rooms for awhile while I watched The Inheritance(which I LOVED, based on Louisa May Alcott's first book, before she wrote Little Women)
  • The kids and I played a board game (I did NOT make anyone cry), then they wanted to play some more and are now eating lunch while I write this and wait for my food to settle a little so I can take even more pills.
  • My mood is like crap, and has gotten worse over the past couple of hours. I don't want the kids to go to school, I am suffering severe separation anxiety when I am away from them and don't feel totally easy unless we're together. Probably symptoms of both my stay in the hospital and Dave being gone.

And that is that. I have to start the laundry and do some other things, all of which I do not want to do. Ugh. And no, I am NOT depressed or even close to it. I am just not happy about a number of things, which I am sure will eventually resolve themselves. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


  1. Sally2:55 PM

    Hope the mood passes for you. I could tell you some jokes, but I am afraid you would think they are groaners! :-) Love you

  2. Sorry your in a crappy mood. Hope your able to cheer yourself up soon. Sounds like your having a good time with the kids though. Big Hugs.

  3. I really hope the bad mood passed for you!! :-(