Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One month down

Since we don't get days off I consider this my Monday and it has just ended and I am going to Tuesday. I have to work thru Saturday and then fly on Sunday (Yes that is one month for each day of the week, but it gets old seeing weekends fly by and nothing to show for them or counting down from 180 days, 6 days is less even 180 if they last 30 days each). St Patty's day was yesterday and we got buttons from the BX that say "I spent St Patty's Day in Afghanistan". I picked up two and wore them on the inside of my uniform shirt and I will send them home to the kids. They should like them and lose them within a month or two!

The days are just the same here. Like I said before we do the meat tent only about once a week, usually Tuesday's or if we need a little pick up later in the week we will hit it again. They actually do a good BBQ brisket that I usually throw on Hamburger buns. That is very good! We walk to the BX once a week and have a few other once a week things, helps pass the time. I went to the Bizarr the other day and it was the exact same as the alley in Turkey but dirty and smaller and more expensive. I don't see me getting anything from there.

Work is good, very long hours, but loads of fun and satisfaction. One of the guys from Offutt is out this way and we talk on a chat program for work. Since his job and mine are connected we help each other out and it seems to make things a little better out here. Aimée ran into his wife at the kids school the other day and they had a good chat. It is funny how that happened within a day or so of each other.

I have spent some serious time working on my stupid Gov Travel Card. Apparently when I filed the voucher, whomever processed it put that crap rental car in for the August payment and not February so I was short like $600. It took a LOT of emailing and my Shirt (First Sergeant for those none Air Force folks) finally got involved and got it sorted out. I even got a letter from them to me and my commander saying they were at fault and if there are any more issues that they will take care of it directly for me. That is a huge weight off my shoulders. STUPID to have to deal with that from this distance and actually.

I have received some boxes and they are all great. Sally the sheets are amazing, and I just can't thank you enough for those! Also my crocks sure earn their keep each and EVERY day on the way to the shower, much quieter than flip flops and more stable on the rocks we have to walk on. Mom, the cookies were amazing and were gone pretty darn quick and most of the crystal light you sent is also gone. Of course my favorite is what my wife sends; kids school work and pictures and some little things that she knows best I would like! Frank (the guy who sits on my right side) got a box also the other day and we always open them up together and share things out. It's always great when anyone gets anything. See what people's family send.

As I said yesterday was St. Patty's Day and we all had a wish for some Guinness but since we don't get any alcohol (or days off) that didn't happen. Oh well.

Well that's really about it. It's really just one big Groundhog Day out here. I do get on the email most days and check the blog so I love seeing what Aimée and the kids are up to. I love it when you all leave your short comments, I know Aimée does also otherwise she wouldn't post pictures of the kids begging for them! (BTW, I think that was damn funny!) You all take care out there and I will talk to you all later.


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I am glad you are still able to do posting once in a while. It's nice to hear from you and what you are doing. I hate knowing you're working so much but glad that you enjoy it, it would really be bad if you had to work all of those hours and hated it.
    It's great that you are getting your packages so quick and you all share. It's really fun sending them, makes me feel like I'm doing something for my country too. Anytime you feel like making a list of things you'd like just send it to my e-mail. Melissa and I both enjoy sending you stuff.
    Sorry about the no Guiness. Papa looked at his glasses you guys got in England but he didn't have any either!!
    Until we hear from you again take care of yourself and know you are in our prayers!~Love Mom~

  2. Sally9:35 PM

    We think of you lots. Glad the sheets and crocs worked out!

  3. Hi Dave,
    I am so glad that you are enjoying your work. I know that will help the time to pass more quickly.
    I am so grateful for you and all the others who are sacrificing their lives and families to keep all of us safe.

    Thanks again and take care of yourself!
    Love, Denice