Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Totally Rufus Day..

(for those of you who haven't seen "Never Been Kissed" which I am watching right now - that means awesome...)

Today I went shopping at the BX, (for a baby gift, pens and fish food), the Commissary (for TP and stuff Daverd asked my to pick up, etc), then I figured I would eat at Burger King for lunch, but remembered I had forgotten to get something (milk, damn it), so I stopped off at the shoppette, drove through BK, and came home.

Once home, I swallowed my pills, ate my BK, and got packages ready for Kim and Daverd and decided to try out the post office over at Hy-Vee (local supermarket) since I thought it might be closer than going to the one on base. I'm not sure of the actual mileage, but it felt closer and the ladies there were really nice, so I'll probably mail things from there from now on.

I came home and relaxed and watched last nights' episode of "The Mentalist" (great show!) and when the kids got home, they brought in a package addressed to David. It had Star Wars Lego's in it, and I have no idea who sent it. I'm sure I'll find out in the next day or so.

The kids both had wonderful reports from their teachers at the conferences on Monday. They are "model" students and both got great grades, so I couldn't ask for more than that. After the conferences, we went to the Book Fair, Goodwill (where I got the first two seasons of Lost on DVD for $10 each!), McDonald's (Drew) and Taco Bell and came home to veg out.

I am pretty tired out now, but am in a very good mood, for me. American Idol results are tonight. The kids are in love with Adam Lambert, even though the judges thought he was odd. All I can say, is he made me enjoy a country song, so that's something!

Off for now! I'd like to ask everyone to pray for April, who had a very rough day yesterday. I'm not linking to respect her privacy.


  1. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Wow! What a great posting! Sounds like you are the doing it all and having a blast. Melissa read the posting about going to the kids school to me, I haven't checked in for a number of days. I knew you would get great reports on those children, you put so much time in to them how could it be otherwise. You are just buzzing all around and getting so much done. That is great! I like to mail things where I like the people the best, that's why I go to the market in town that has that service. And baby shopping! What fun! I believe you've done it all, no wonder you had such a great day. I love to get things accomplished, makes me feel less tired at the end of the day knowing I don't have to think about doing them anymore. Tomorrow I have no work and am not sitting at any hospital or convalesant home with anyone so I think I'll start on the kids and mine scrapbooks. I got all of the pictures back except for the black and white which is a whole other story that makes me nuts so we won't go there. Is there a way I can see the ones you took when we had everyone get dressed up. Papa didn't get any decent ones of me and the kids. Okay I think that covers it except for keep going girl, you're the best!!!~Peggy~

  2. Sally9:33 PM

    Sounds like a great day! Good for you!

  3. Sounds like a full day for you. The kids like Adam?!?! That surprises me. I think it will come down to Adam and Danny. Its definitely a guys year! The talent is outta control this year. Love it!