Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I hate to do it

I really hate to do it but I have to give CNN some credit for pulling its heads out of their collective butt! (CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/04/28/regular.flu/index.html) There is been in my humble (and completly biased) opinion entirely too much news on this swine flu. There have been about 20 deaths TOTAL. That many die from driving or drinking or walking across the street every day. But this is where CNN/Fox/MSNBC and all the papers are focusing. SERIOUSLY THERE IS NOTHING BETTER TO REPORT ON? We can't figure out why children are dying of hunger around the world? Is there a fix for overcrowded jails? Is solor power the answer to our energy needs? How many lives a year does ORGAN DONATION SAVE? Do I really need to go on? I really don't like the US Media (all of it), they can't see the middle ground on any topic even if it ran them over. I can't watch the TV news networks because they are soo full of them selves and their pretty faces they don't do any news! Okay, I just really had to go off on this. It just freaking drives me nuts when all we hear is why is Obama great or why is he the devil. Folks there is more important things out there. GET A GRIP! Enough soap box for me. You all have a great day.


  1. Sally9:44 AM

    Sometimes I long for the days when they just gave the news and didn't analyze everything to death! However, there have been many more than 20 deaths and it is good that nations are getting prepared to try and prevent a pandemic. I hope we all stay healthy and that you stay safe, David.

  2. Read the book titled "State of Fear" by Michale Crichton. A book about "Global Warming" with some rather interesting insights and the media frenzy on various topics. I really liked it and will have to read it again, and probably quote some of it on the website.

    But, hope things are good for you over there. We'll be BBQ'ing as much as we can on your behalf! :)


  3. What about organ failure, cancer, aids, drunk driving related deaths!? It is the flu for crying outloud. and why are all these people in Mexico dying? Because they dont' have the resources like we do here in the US... I agree with your soap box ~ too bad the rest of the world doesn't...
    And they wonder why the world has gone to hell in a handbasket?!