Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Long Time...

So, I haven't been blogging a lot, obviously, but do tweet at least once a day (under my links on the right are my most recent tweets) so that Dave (and anyone else) can see what's going on. The kids and I are getting on pretty well. Certainly we are having a lot less tears and breakdowns than we did while Dave was in Turkey.

Andrew has become my biggest helper and cheerleader. He helps me with the pet things I can't do (mostly the cat litter) and is getting to be so grown up, especially for an (almost) ten year old. He filled out an application and is now an alternate for the "Safety Patrol" for school next year. These are the kids that hold up the stop signs outside of the school. He continues to excel in academics and while we have had a few "boy" moments (temper and not using soap), I can not complain about my son. He is wonderful.

Natalie is also growing up so much. She is getting so tall and skinny, I am very worried for when she hits the boy crazy years! She has also been a big help with the pets, taking it upon herself to care for Lily (for the most part) when she gets home from school, as long as she is not playing outside. She has gotten so good about going to bed, taking a bath, brushing her hair and teeth without a fuss. It's still hard for me to remember she isn't my "baby" anymore and is a big girl. Those two front teeth still haven't come in, and she is getting anxious for them at this point.

The kids and I have grown very attached to each other since Dave has been gone. Friday and Saturday nights we have our sleepovers in the living room, we have pizza and movies on Fridays, and on Saturday or Sunday sometimes we go to Goodwill to search for books and out to lunch. We have really interesting talks, and they have discovered that they LOVE some of the things from my childhood as much as I do (The movies: Neverending Story, Vice Verse, The Princess Bride, West Side Story, The Sound of Music, Escape to/from Witch Mountain to name a few.) We were watching the movie The Wizard the other day and I was telling them about the "old school" Nintendo and they were very intrigued. I found a place to buy the system along with the first three Mario games online, and they LOVE it. It was a lot cheaper than buying the Wii and brings back some happy memories for me. Unfortunately I have a blister on my thumb right now so we are taking a break from our gaming!

Of course, sometimes I miss Dave so much that my heart hurts. Considering what a tumultuous year we had prior to him leaving, it is hard to have him away. I'm doing my best to hold things together here: paying the bills, keeping up the house (kind of), being mom and dad to the kids and making sure they feel loved and special, taking care of the pets. Unfortunately I have killed a plant. Natalie's little plant from Husker Grandma is (kind of) alive, as well as two bamboo.

So, that's my small update about mundane things from me. I'll try to post more often (and be better about phone calls!) in the future. Love to all of you, and thanks so much for all of your support!


  1. Sally9:40 AM

    You are doing a great job!

  2. What a HUGE difference from the Turkey time!! I am so impressed! that is just wonderful!!
    Have no fear on the plants... you can definitely get new ones! I have found many of mine do not like the snow... like me!!

    Give the kids and yourself big hugs and kisses! I love you guys!!

  3. Enjoyed your update Aimee. Sounds like you and the kids are doing great. The time flies - and you will always have these memories of spending this quality time with them. So enjoy! Take pictures. Journal about it. Jot down the quirky, funny, intelligent, absurd, and memorable events and quotes from the kids. One day you will have a blast (and so will the kids) to look back at this time. Love ya!

  4. I'm so happy you and the kids are doing good. What a difference a year makes. Keep up the great work.

  5. Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job! And its lovely to hear about your bonding time with the kids. They sound just delightful.

    I happened to have caught The Neverending Story on cable last week. Really? Who wouldn't love that cheesyiness? Its awesome! LOL