Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This Is Mostly For Daverd

Why do all the people on MY list have to end up being d-bags or totally out of control (Hello Tom Cruise and Joaquin Phoenix?!) Thank goodness Jeff Probst hasn't gone off the deep end yet, or I am in a LOT of trouble!

Everyone else can feel free to comment, but I thought that Daverd would like this brought to his attention (even though Nicole Kidman's face hasn't moved in 8 years. I'm just saying...)

Apparently the only decent guy I have ever chosen is the one I married. Time to kill the list?


  1. i am SOOOO disappointed in joaquin phoenix. i broke up with him for the way he has been acting. UGH!!!

  2. I know what you mean! I saw this interview, and my jaw hit the floor!!
    Hi, David. We are sending you good vibes. Hi, Aimee. Love, Bobby and Sharon

  3. What the (&^*%(*&)(??? Was this for real? Can not figure out if he was serious or goofing off! This is definitely right up there with the Joaquin Phoenix interview..I was also VERY disappointed with him. Loveya, Denice