Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Body

This is why I am sleep deprived. Any guesses on what the French they are building over there? And his kid made my daughter cry yesterday which does not endear me to him. Seriously, what the hell is he doing? (There are your pictures Dave - I feel like the biggest spy in the neighborhood!)


  1. okay I'm pretty sure I know what's up! The pool is usually there in the summer and I bet the left side is for the kids to run and jump in. The right side, well, maybe he had spare lumber or he is going to put a table and chairs there. Not sure.

  2. I'm gonna LOL like crazy if he finally gets the pool and deck of his dreams for his kids up... and then his wife does indeed win the sole custody she's going for!

    (But maybe I'm just mean. *snicker*)

  3. I thought this post was funny, until I read the other comments, now its WAY funnier! Look at you the local spy!