Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cottonwood is my Nemesis

I don't remember having THIS much of a problem with red, itchy, watery eyes last year at this time, but it could very well be that I blocked it out because it was such a pain in my butt.

I'm not sick, but I feel like crap. I am only allowed to take Children's Benedryl twice a day (yes, a larger dose, but still), and while it helps, it doesn't get rid of the whole thing.

Natalie is having the same problem but luckily for her she woke up this morning with clear eyes and no full head, so that is good. It's better if only one of us is going through this crap. The cottonwood is floating around and at some points during the day, it looks like someone ripped open a truck full of pillows and let the stuffing out to float around Nebraska. It really is unbelievable how badly this stuff affects some people but does nothing to others (Drew) - I hope it passes soon, I look like crap with red, watery eyes!

I'm taking the kids to Target today to buy them new bathing suits and some more outside toys. Natalie needs a water gun so she has one and is armed when all the boys attack with theirs. I think we'll look at hula hoops and some other stuff too. I'm going to try and go pretty early this morning so I am not out in the afternoon which is when the allergies really kick it up a notch for me.

I sequestered Natalie and I to the house yesterday, and again, I think that really did help her out. Today I know she'll want to get out and play.

So there is the story of my allergy woes. Now I know how bad Daverd felt in England when his acted up so much. You just feel like crap!

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  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Don't know if you knew but our two Targets and Petsmart opened over here. Not quite the same as of course the prices are much higher but nice to walk in and feel like you are in Target.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Miss You!