Friday, May 15, 2009

It's the little things in life

Lets start this by saying "War is Hell". This is not my fathers or my grandfathers war. We have Pizza Hut and the Internet and morale calls home. We have laundry machines and a twin mattress and privacy when we sleep. We also have AFN that shows baseball and basketball during chow. So having said that, here's one of the little hardships that just got a little easier:

For the bathrooms we have 3 stand up urinals that are about 6 inches apart. Needless to say the middle ones never get used due to "Man Space Rules"! There are no dividers and they are very low to the ground. Afghan's are a little bit shorter and I don't think they intended to build the toilets for 6ft plus GIs! After that, to have some time to sit and enjoy a good SUDOKU puzzle as you process dinner from a few hours ago you can go sit in a stall. Plywood walls and a shower curtain provide your privacy as the guy in the stall next to you wrestles with an alligator or the "Mystery Meat" (think about that Austin Powers film when Tom Arnold is asking for a Courtesy Flush) you are starting to get my nightly entertainment! (movie clip here:

You need to keep one hand free to hold the shower curtain because if someone walks by the air flow will open the curtain and that is just not something anyone wants to see, or read (but your still reading aren't you?)! Also, don't forget to keep at least one boot sticking under the curtain so nobody opens it up on you to use the toilet and see you figuring out if a 3 or a 7 go in that sudoku box! Let us not forget the toilets are different out here. There is a sign that says "If you put some paper on the inspection plate before you do your business, your business will go down much easier". Yes I have it memorized after reading it like 90 times! This is because they don't have a bowl of water to catch anything. The porcelain goes flat where the water level should be and then when you flush the stream of water comes and washes off your business on the level and flat porcelain to a hole at the front of the toilet. Seriously, if you forget the paper then it is much harder to flush away and you are having to provide assistance in another form, NOT COOL!

Why do I tell you this? One, it's funny to me because if you don't laugh at this then you just shouldn't be here! Two, it helps illustrate how happy we are about the little things in life. So, we got a new bathroom built to replace one of the VERY old ones. It is all new and fancy. The bathrooms are all made from those shipping containers and then they are spruced up inside. It kind of smells like a motor home right now. The new ones have dividers between the urinals and the toilets (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) have LOCKING DOORS folks. YES DOORS! They even have a little fan for each stall right behind your head taking the air right outside! Let me tell you that is a very nice thing. Getting a little closer to privacy is very nice and a locked door is amazing. This just shows how the little things in life are making me happier each day! You all hang in there and try and not to enjoy being able to close a door and be alone out there!


  1. Sally1:27 PM

    LOL I am happy for you David!

  2. I think I should devote an entire post to the bathroom and my activities in there. :) LOL - no, I'm happy your poop enviroment has improved!

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Funny, while I was reading this I was thinking back on all of the privacy Aimée didn't have a while back! But I know this is great, any little improvement must be very much appreciated!~Love Mom~