Saturday, May 09, 2009

I've Been Neglectful

Yeah, I know, the posts are pretty thin these days. I have no excuse, really, since I have lots to say and time to say it. We'll call me lazy and leave it at that.

I actually have a kind of horrible story with a very happy (semi) conclusion to tell, so that is what you'll hear today.

Last week Natalie came in from the park crying her eyes out. Turns out this kid there (not a military kid, someone from behind the park, which is civilian housing) we'll call him "Bobby" (hehe) told Natalie that she was ugly because she has a mustache. So yeah, Natalie got that from me, it's not something we can help and it's certainly not something I am going to get "taken care of" (waxing, Nair) on my eight year old. I went outside and asked her to point out the kid to me that was making fun of her, and she did. I'm just going to go ahead and say that if I wanted to give Natalie ammo to get back at him, I had MORE than enough. The fact that he was carrying around a PINK Nintendo DS (just like Natalie's) was just the tip of the iceberg. But I refrained and told Natalie to come inside with me and watch TV. Crisis over...

NOT. Later, when Drew came in, I asked him about "Bobby" - come to find out, the other day the kid had brought a pamphlet to the park describing (in detail) male puberty. I was in shock, then so livid, I really didn't know what to do. (there are young kids that play there, who really shouldn't have to see that kind of thing, never mind I don't want Natalie to) Talk to the parents? Talk to the kids? In typical Aimée fashion, I didn't do anything but tell the kids they are no longer allowed to play with "Bobby" and waited to talk to Dave about it. Of course, if Dave was here, he would have had NO problem marching over to that kid's house and bitching to the parents, but I'm scared of people, so that doesn't work for me.

When I talked to Dave, he was just as outraged about it as I was. And basically he gave me some options on what to do (Talk to the kid, talk to the parents, talk to the housing office, etc) but ultimately left it to my discretion. I decided to go ahead and stick with the "No playing with 'Bobby'" rule, and so far that hasn't been that big of a deal.

Now the good that has come out of this is that last night we were sitting around watching Harry Potter during Pizza Friday and someone knocked at the door. I figured it was the neighbors to see if the kids would play, but it was the MOM from next door, Nicole. I ran to the door and actually stepped outside to speak with her (you can all pick yourselves up off the floor now, it is not Armageddon!) - and we ended up talking for 40ish minutes! I was able to get her input on the "Bobby" situation as well as learn a little about her and her family and found out she is REALLY cool. Needless to say, I felt like such a tool for being too shy up until then to go over and say hello or to ever strike up a conversation. Turns out we have a LOT in common. Does this mean Aimée is starting to make friends in Nebraska? I think it just might.

Progress anyway!


  1. Sally1:55 PM

    Yeah, for making friends!

  2. Way to go Aimee for making a new friend! And what in the world is this kids problem that he is carrying around a puberty pamplet? Weird. I would be investigating that.

    And Natalie... your adorable. Don't ever listen to nasty boys.

  3. Hi,
    Number one....BIG KUDOS to Aimee for making a new friend! Yeah!!! I am proud of you..
    Number two.... That kid needs to be straightened out by somebody!
    Number three... Natalie you are adorable, and don't you EVER forget it!!! You get that from your mom ( although I love you Daverd!) You look so much like she did! and she was the cutest thing ever!! Love you all!

  4. Yay for friends!
    I'm sorry Bobby was so mean to Natalie. My mom used to always tell me that when boys teased me, it was becuz secretly they liked me. Even if it wasn't true, it still made me feel better. ;-)

  5. Look at you go! that is wonderful progress!!!!
    Good job Aimee-Lou-Who!!!!