Friday, May 01, 2009

Promotion Ceremony

As Aimée noted, yesterday I had my promotion ceremony. It took a day but here are a couple of the pictures: The first one you will see the Master Chief (the senior NCO in the unit I'm with) getting ready to Tack my stripe on.

This next photo you will see the Air Force Major that I work with after he missed me and had to take a second attempt at tacking my stripe on.

This last photo you can almost see the tear as I thanked my wife for making sure I study and keeping me grounded and being the best wife in the world that lets me go around the world doing this job that I love while she sits back home with the kids (and the dog and cat) and makes everything perfect. (Notice I tried to not let my hands talk to much baby!) Thank you Aimée I can't do any of this without you kicking me from behind! I love you more each day.

And did you all see that she got a little shout out for me from Kevin Smith! Who rocks more than my wife? NOBODY! Love you Aimée


  1. Congratulations David! We are very proud of you and your family. Stay safe!

  2. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Finally! Congratulations!
    The Garcias

  3. Congrats Dave!!

    That blue sky behind you is amazing. It actually looks cool and refreshing though I bet it's super hot out.

  4. Thank you all and I don't think Mr. Garcia gets to say ANYTHING about it being FINALLY! Lulu on the other hand can make all the jokes she wants!

    Actually Kim the weather was outstanding that day. The sky was very clear (a rarity due to dust and crap). It isn't too hot yet. Just mid 80's this week and that is really not bad at all!

  5. Congratulations dear brother! I'm very proud to call you my brother
    I love you and miss you!


  6. Anonymous8:53 AM

    By finally I mean...that finally you got to put it on, not that it was about time you made it. I don't see WHY they have to take sooo long for you to put it on. All Alan had to say was how cool it was that you got a shout out from Kevin Smith! How did Aimee do that?
    LULU :)

  7. Anonymous10:52 PM

    I just wish we could have been there to see the ceremony in person. Maybe not there but where it had been planned the first time. You look great! I am so proud of you and so thankful you have such a supportive wife. You are a great team. Great family actually. It takes all of you!!~Mom~