Saturday, June 27, 2009

900 Posts!

The last post I did (the video of The Jackson 5) was our 900th post here. Amazing.

Just wanted to pop on and let the world know that I am feeling better about pretty much everything I bitched about in my last post. I have a stomach ache, but my throat is better. I'm avoiding the news and E! and sticking with The Disney Channel so I am not in a constant state of tears. While I was/am genuinely sad that he has passed on - I'm pretty sure I was crying for more than just him. I had a rough day, but as usual my kids and husband got me through.

Speaking of my husband, he should be home in two months! I can't wait.

Today is a day of resting and trying to get over whatever crud we've passed to each other all week. Tomorrow is laundry (MAJOR laundry) and maybe a trip to base, which may be put off until Monday depending on how I feel.

I am sorry if I offended anyone with my list of bitchiness. Sometimes you just need to let things out. Thanks for listening/reading, I'll now return to more lighthearted posts.


  1. congrats on number 900!!! thats a heck of a lot of writing! and feel free to write about what YOU want... be it bitchy or not, its YOUR blog!!! :) love ya girl!

  2. IS your blog, and I can't see how you could possibly have offended anyone, except maybe the gardener, who, BY THE WAY, NEEDED OFFENDING!!! What a jerk...wish I was there to slap him up side the head for you!!! Maybe I could just jump on a plane?!!!LOL...Love ya lots, take care...Denice