Friday, June 26, 2009

My List of Things

Yeah, I'm still upset about Michael Jackson. Sue me. He has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mom even tells a story about me in Lincoln, NE asking about him. My thoughts are too disjointed to form a coherent post - so you get a list. Yay.
  • I am really sad that every thing that MJ may or may not have done is being dragged into the press before he is in the grave. Coming from someone who was very close to death at one point (though not the King of Pop, but still) I know I have done some bad things and have made mistakes in my life, and I would be mortified to know that those things were spoken about after my death instead of whatever good I have brought to the world. I am sickened by people bringing God and Morals into MJ's death instead of celebrating what he did for music, dance, and pop culture. The man is dead, I am sad, and I believe that God is the only one who knows what is in some one's heart. Leave the judgements to Him. Glass houses and all, right?
  • I used to have our blog feed sent to my facebook, but became upset because no one is commenting on the blog OR MY facebook on things I post, but I get a ton of e-mail, private messages and comments on my personal page whenever Dave posts. While I love my husband, I feel that any comment someone may have regarding what he posts should be left here or directed to his e-mail (if you don't have it, there is a reason)
  • To go on: If you have access to my facebook, please do not ask me to relay a message to my husband. I don't have much that is just for me, and facebook is one of those things that I feel I can call my own.
  • While I am happy that I have a gardener, I am a little pissed that he was rude to me when I handed him a check and asked him to mow behind my fence. I have put in three calls to housing maintenance but because I am the only one who is not mowing beyond my property line, they won't do it. Rather than let the lawn behind my fence grow more or fight with the housing office, I figured the guy I hired would be cool with mowing it. No. I have to pay extra. One of the many reasons I can't wait for my husband and the more forceful and proactive of us to come back.
  • The kids have passed a cold around this week and now I have it. Not bad, not great.
  • I think I may be the only Liberal in our area.
  • I have to go to base this weekend and pay a bill as well as get more hair coloring for my son, who incidentally thought Michael Jackson was a basketball player. I have failed in educating him about pop icons.
  • Obviously, I am not in a great mood. I'm sorry that Ed, Farrah, and MJ died. And as selfish as it sounds, when people die, I think about how close to death I was and reflect on that.

Yeah, a lot of bitching from me. I'm glad Dave got his Ipod and I am really tired of him being away. I hate being without him, he really is the only one who "gets" me. He'll get this post, even if there are no other comments.


  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Great post Aimée! Not much I can add to that except why have we turned into a nation of people who always look for the negative and dirt instead of the good and the achievments of a person. Our local radio station has been playing a lot of Michaels music today. What a talent! Does anything else really have to be talked about now that he is gone? This has got to be hard for you on many levels.

  2. sometimes you just need to let it all out... good job!
    speaking of facebook... you ever gonna accept my invite :(

    Housekeeping...want me fluff you pillow :D

  3. First of all, you are entirely allowed to vent. And reflect upon your own traumatic near death ordeal especially when death is in your face, even if its concerning people you have never met. It's normal.

    And secondly, I would be totally peeved about the gardner! Hope Dave comes back soon. For man different reasons.

    Big Hugs.

  4. Hi Aimee,
    I haven't had a chance to catch up on your blog lately...I am so sorry that you were having such a yucky day!!! Absolutely, you must vent when you need to..keeping it bottled up DOES NOT WORK!! I have to agree, I wish they would just let MJ rest in peace...I think he was a very tortured soul, for a lot of reasons that were not his fault. We will all miss his amazing talent! Take care of yourself and I will drop you a note on Facebook!! I also LOVE Drew's hair and Nat's cut! How cute! Talk to you soon! Love, Denice