Thursday, June 25, 2009

My wife Rocks!

Well we all know I love my wife because she is the greatest. I got my new Ipod that she got me because my other one had basically pissed me off for the last time. I had bought a used one from Amazon after the liver surgery and I use it about 3 times a week for PT. It had some problems with shutting off and then I opened it up and found a loose wire. Cut some foam ear plugs and that fixed that. Then the other day it said the battery was bad. I unplugged it and after a few attempts at that it started working again but very intermittently. Aimée had asked what I wanted for Anniversary and Father's Day and I think the Ipod just took the hint and threw the straw on my back!

So I picked out what I wanted and sent it to her and she even got me the 16Gb Ipod instead of the 8Gb! Then I found a guy here to take my music off of my old Ipod and all she had to do was receive my new one (because stupid Amazon won't ship electronics to APOs or overseas) and send it to me. But she said she would throw some basic music on there for me. I asked for Jimmy Buffett (No matter what's going on I can always use some Jimmy to relax to. She also picked random other music that I like. She also got a little funny with her choices and added Natalie's BRATZ CD on there. Not so sure that will be staying very long! :)

Well I have been fighting a cold all week and now that's gone. Was kicking my ass espicially w/ little sleep and long hours. I got to see one of the guys from my unit back home on his way back to the states. Was nice to see someone from the real world and talk about other stuff! He did his time and now enjoying some very well earned time off!

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