Sunday, June 07, 2009


So after a VERY long three days were I think I got a total of 9hrs or less of sleep maybe I finally got a good nights sleep w/ no interuptions from work. I go to the post office and there is a HUGE box for me. About the size of box that printer paper comes in! Suprise Suprise! One of Aimée's friends (Ms. KIM) sent me a box of goodies! First off, I am VERY anal about packing. Ask Aimée, I can pack a box or anything better than anyone, but the organization that went into stuffing this box was beyond impressive! I can't even begin to list how much stuff she put in there but there was not room for pencil in there when it was full. After I took a few things off the top that I wasn't going to share :) I put the rest out for everyone and now it's ALL GONE! There was a bunch of Cracker Jacks (many conversations around the office about how much everyone loves Cracker Jacks), animal crackers, cheeze its, drink mixes (never have too many of those bad boys), word puzzles, peanut butter crackers, sunflower seeds, and on and on and on!

Aimée had told me a couple of days ago it was coming so I would check the mail and I really appreciate it. Apparently Kim's church wanted to help out so her family and a couple of others sent the box. Thank you very much Kim (and others)! You made about 20 people very happy today and some other not so quick at the taking people very jealous!

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  1. I'm so glad that it made it safe and sound!! I never wrote down everything I bought, so I wasn't able to itemize it on the customs form. The guy at the post office didn't think it would be a problem (he was ret. army, i think) but he said ya never know. I'm glad you and everyone enjoyed it! Thank YOU (and your awesome wife and kids) for what you do!