Saturday, July 25, 2009


So as we sit at chow we discuss what we are going to eat as soon as we go home and I just can't believe how I'm the only one who doesn't list a restaurant for my first meal home! What is wrong with these peoples family? So in honor of the best cook I know on the planet I am going to list in priority order my favorite meals that Aimée makes. I will of course forget a few because my brain has been away from spices and seasoning for so long I think my taste buds have actually shut down!

1. LASAGNA: This was almost close between one and two but the cheese helped it win! That and she doubles the meat and cheese and I LIKE THAT!

2. Roast w/ Potatoes: now Aimée adds carrots but that isn't my favorite, they are good but not a favorite. I will eat them so the kids can't say they don't want it but the roast w/ potatoes all mashed up and butter and sour cream is very close to perfection for any meal!

Note: Perfect first day home for food would to walk in the door smelling the roast and then Aimée puts a lasagna in the oven. Have the Lasagna for lunch and the roast for dinner! OH YEAH, that's like heaven on a plate!

Note: one and two are far ahead of the rest and they do change places often!

3. Pork Chops w/ Italian Sausage: this is were Aimée uses some sweet sausage in a cassoral dish w/ pork chops. VERY Good!

4. Apple Butter Pork Loins: This is another Crock Pot wonder, sear up the pork loins and throw them in the crock pot w/ apple butter and apple juice and apple slices. Guess what the pork tastes like?

5. Pulled Pork/Beef Sandwiches: this is a very new recipe to us. Aimée has made it only twice but it is amazing!

6. CHILI: I don't know how I just remembered this but DAMN does she make some good Chili. And it's better the next day! Always good for a few days of leftovers in the winter!

7. BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA: Let me tell you what. It is pretty amazing that my wife loves me enough to make one Pizza for me w/ the onions and Bell Peppers and LOTS of cheese and BBQ sauce and her and the kids share one w/ just the meat and bbq sauce.

8. Thanksgiving Dinner: I don't care what you say but there is nothing better than Thanksgiving at your house with your Turkey and your stuffing and your 7-layer Salad!

9. Chicken Enchilada's: Oh yeah baby, those are great. She makes a sauce that I won't explain but it is great w/ sour cream and stuff. very good.

10. Chicken Fajitas: Italian Dressing to fry up chicken bites and then do up your Fajita's how you like. WOW.

11. Meatloaf: Now of all the things I won't eat here MEATLOAF is the one. Why? because they forget the damn seasoning and it is really noticeable in the meatloaf.

12. There is also this side dish she makes. A small round casserole bowl w/ canned corn, some sour cream and other stuffs. I can't explain it but DAMN it's good. She got the recipe off of a can or box.

So I wanted this to be a top 10 list but it got a little long. For the most part the top two switch from time to time and 3 to 7 bounce around a good deal also. But the basic fact is I miss my wife's cooking! that's the long and the short of it. One more month to food w/ flavor!

Okay off to bed with me. You all be good out there.


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Well David sounds like you're getting mighty hungry for home and your wifes cooking. Friday Robin and I realized you have only three weeks to go. I cried I was so happy. I'm sure Aimée is looking forward to cooking up a storm for you. All of us can't wait!!~Mom~

  2. Jennifer5:07 AM

    What a sweet thing to write about your lovely wife. I knew she was amazing, but my respect for her as a cook just sky rocketed. :-) You sound like an appreciative husband. So sweet!