Monday, July 27, 2009

When does Dave return?

So I have received a couple of emails about this one so I figure I owe it to everyone to answer for the public.

When will I get home? I don't know. That's the short answer. sorry.

Basically my replacement needs to get done w/ training and get a plane out here, and that is no earlier than around ~17 Augish. Once she gets here it's 4 days of turnover and then I can start asking for a flight out of here. I have to fly back to the east coast and turn in some equipment and then once that is done I will be allowed to get tickets home to Aimée and the kids. I should be home before August ends. Other than that no promises. More than likely the very end of the last week in August but that's all I can plan for right now. "Military needs come first" and that amazing line: "Hurry up and Wait" are the stories of my life! Any complaints I have can be sent to the folks that paid for Aimée's liver transplant.

I hope everyone is doing well out there. I am just waiting for time to pass by. It's actually going fairly quick and soon it will be all over. I did laundry today and there aren't many more times I will have to do that crap. And soon I won't have to take showers in the stall next to the farting in the water boy!

Well that's it folks. Be safe out there.


  1. Sally7:41 PM

    We will all be glad to see you and your sense of humor stateside!

  2. Yay! I love hurrying up and waiting!! I think I can I think I can...See you soon Bro!