Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mountains of Afghanistan

Here are some pictures that I brought back of the mountains around the base. Granted most days you can't see the mountains due to the blowing dust and haze and crap but when they did show up it was pretty nice.

The first set are pictures of the mountains as I got to see them.
The second set are "artsy" ones of mountains I sure didn't see.

One of the guys I worked with took a bunch of pictures back in like April but dude still hasn't sent them. Once I get those I will post them up here.

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  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I like yours the best. It reminds me of the picture I had out while you were gone. The one you posted before you left. At least there is some beauty in that land, even if you didn't see it much. Still glad your seeing Nebraska now!~Mom~