Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Bike Ride

There are some bike paths near our house and after the first set of games I took the kids for a little stretch our legs ride. Very windy but pretty nice out.

Then Natalie went and ran into a pole and spilled on the road so we were done and came home. She's recovering and is saying she won't go riding again but we will see how that goes for her!


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    It's too bad the ride had to end like that :( I fell off of my bike when I was about your age too Natalie but I still like to go for a bike ride. It's too fun to give up! I hope your wounds heal fast!
    ~Love Granma Peggy~

  2. Oh dear, that looks sore. Hope it gets better soon

  3. Oh no, what a boo-boo! Hope she hops back up on that bike soon!

  4. Ouch !! Road burns are the worst...good thing is they heal, Dee Dee! and you will be riding again soon!! Way too much fun to miss! Take care all of you!
    Love, Denice