Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Drew's Toe

So on Monday, Drew closed his toe in the door to the garage from the dining room. Looked like a little scratch and it was cleaned and we went to the lake. That night we looked at the toe again and DAMN it was looking bad. So an appointment to the doctors for the next morning and it was obvious from the start that it wasn't going to be going well for our little boy!

After the X-Ray and a chit chat the Sports Med Doctor was called in to advise the Peds Dr on how to remove the toe nail close the open wound under the nail above the chipped bone and then replace the nail! So for all of those that thought like I did that why in the heck would you put that nail back on? Well they said it is to assist the new nail of hitting the same groove and not start an history of in-grown nails.

Now Drew is enjoying some Codeine w/ his Tylenol and an extra day home from school! Well that and the whole elevation and stuff. Other than that he is good. Funny shoe thing on his foot but should be good to go. The old nail will fall off in about 2 weeks and the toe will completely heal in about 6 weeks.

So there you go: a lesson worth learning is best learned with tears and cussing! Watch where you put your toes!


  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    That hurts just to look at it...hope you are feeling better Drew.

  2. Ouch! What a trooper, Drew!

  3. Oooh, that looks so sore! Hope it heals very quickly!