Friday, October 09, 2009

Enlisted Dinning Out

Here I am at the Enlisted Dinning Out. Each base does this once a year were the enlisted get together at the club and have a formal dinner. I went last year and it was okay. This year was much better.

During the first half of the dinner they have two "Grog's". These are two bowls of beverages, one with alcohol and one without. The drinks are nasty in nature, this years was red w/ what I think/hope was pineapple chunks. When someone in the audience notices an infraction of the rules, there are 24 rules two of which is that the President of the Mess can't be wrong. You may send them to the grog to drink. You have to march to the Grog, Salute the President of the Mess, Fill your cup, do an about face, raise your glass, say "To the Mess", and finish your drink without letting it leave your lips, place the cup upside down on the top of your head to prove you have drank it, turn around, salute the president and return to your seat. If you mess up any of it you start over and usually your boss has to then join you. The more you visit the grog the harder it will be to complete it correctly and there is some of the fun.

My squadron had two tables of folks there. Each table has 10 seats and getting that many GIs to go is tough but it worked out. I ended up being sent to the Grog 2 times. Once for interrupting the Mister Vice. I tried to send our other table to the Grog and in the response part, I didn't know he was around the corner talking to another member who was not speaking up. So when he said into the microphone, "proceed", I thought it was for me. I wanted our second table to go to the Grog for being boring! But that didn't work out for me so well. So, off I went to the Grog! Then later on my 1st Sergeant sent me and a fellow Master Sergeant to the Grog for letting one of our troops go to the event w/ the wrong shirt on!

We had a guest speaker who is a Chief Master Sergeant from another base. His speech was pretty good and that is a nice change of pace for these events. Also at the head table was Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (retired) McCoy. He lives here locally and comes to a great deal of events for the base. This guy is really cool and it is amazing to get to meet one of the 16 Chief Master Sergeants of the AF. This is a position for the most senior enlisted and they work in Washington for the enlisted force.

So that's that. A good time was had.


  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    This sounds like a very interesting and fun time. I'm glad you get to do something besides working once in a while. I'm not so sure about all of that snow you're getting though. I thought I had it bad because the temp is dropping down to 40 at night. I'll try to stop complaining. I just heard Aimeé's Dodgers won their series. Go Aimeé!~Love Mom~

  2. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Sorry about the goof on your name Aimée. I was so tired last night I couldn't see straight :(