Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving folks!

Here is our Thanksgiving Dinner Table just waiting for the good food and great people!

Here is the 7-Layer Salad, Natalie Salad and Mashed Potatoes.Here is the Deviled Eggs and Mac-N-CheeseHere is the Green Been casserole on the right and mashed yams on the left!And here is the 28.4 lb Turkey. Let me say that this is was the best bird that Aimée and I have ever done. It really turned out just perfect. I am just hoping that we can keep it up for next year.Even Andrew thinks the Turkey was pretty good! Part of our tradition is that he always gets a Turkey Leg straight from the bird! He seems to enjoy it!
And here is (from left to right): Natalie, Gary, Sally, Laurie, Steve and Mike. Missing are Aimée (taking the picture), myself and Drew.Speaking of me and Drew! Yeah we sure did eat a lot of FOOD!Here is Grandpa telling us stories. Aimée had picked up some conversation cards for Thanksgiving. They are really cool. You read the question and then everyone has to answer it. One of the questions was: The pilgrims received help from the Indians, who have you received help from in the last year?And here are the kids with Uncle Steve!And here is newly renamed (by Laurie) Bobcat. Since Silent Bob really didn't fit this loudmouth!

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  1. Hey - all of those pictures are great! It looks like fantastic food and a great day with family. Sorry that we couldn't be with you, too. Maybe next year? I'd love to show up and not have to fix the feast - it sure is a lot of work, huh? Love you guys!