Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow review

So the snow is about to disappear for a little bit. Today we actually are passing 25 degrees and this will be the low for the next two weeks. So to review all of the snow and show the true depth here are some pictures. Hope you all enjoy.
This is Natalie and I for the very first digging out. This was taken the day I got back from Virginia. Notice the WD-40 in my hand? Why would I do that? I get a WD-40 tip of the week and they suggested coating your snow shovel w/ it so the snow slides off easier and doesn't build up. Not sure I agree. Maybe if I had a metal shovel it might work but it was only 50/50 on the plastic shovel.
This is the path to our front door. Based on the angle of the house the snow blows into our front yard so we get the little drifts in the front yard.
These first four were all taken on Dec 5th with that first storm. Now these next three were taken today before it all starts to disappear. Notice the depth at the mail boxes from the first couple until now.
This shows how deep it is after all of the shoveling and moving out of the driveway. Luckily, after my surgery the neighbor across the street got a brand new snow blower for Christmas and he cleared the driveway for me a couple of times.
Now if you go back and look at the path to the front door and check out that path that Drew kept clear for us. We had a FEW icicles here and I got stabbed a couple of times from those spears!
And here is the front of the entire house. I am concerned about the garage roof snow that still needs to melt and come down. Since our neighbors moved we didn't clear their driveway so it's just our snow piled up.

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  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Too Much! Too much cold, too much wind, too much snow, too much shoveling, too much winter. Hawai'i, Hawai'i oh where have you gone? I love the snow angles though. I guess you can find something good in any bad situation if you look hard enought. ~Love Mom~