Sunday, March 28, 2010

The First Grill of the Year!

So Aimée picked up 4 T-Bones from Costco for my birthday and the idiot weather of the mid-west has ruined each chance we had to grill out. So here we go.

It's 56 out and sunny and very minimal wind. The kids spent the entire day outside on bikes/parks/etc and so the grill got SPARKED UP FOLKS! Aimée did her personalized RUB for the T-Bones and I had the hard duty of smoking a cigar and drinking a beer while they spent some time on the grill. (Dude, it's hard work grilling!)

Here are the sections of dead cow as they came off the grill and prepared for the 5 minutes of "resting" before they were attacked! Damn those are some good looking steaks!

And now the completed scene of perfection. Notice the Guinness ready to compliment the meal. Notice that Aimée did her signature asparagus that is to DIE for! The meal was perfect. The back door was open and we got to enjoy a fresh breeze in the house as we enjoyed an amazing feast.


  1. I am so very, very jealous! We've not gotten to use our grill yet - it's still covered in the last bits of snow, plus we have to replace our propane tank (the movers won't move it). I can't wait for grilling!

    You guys have so much GREEN grass already!

  2. Wow that looks mightily tasty. Not quite warm enough to break out the grill yet, but happy BBQ-ing