Monday, March 22, 2010

Let Us Pretend...

Let us pretend that:
  • I didn't stop posting on the blog...
  • You know that nothing has really changed (we still live in Nebraska ((#$$%%)) I won't say what I really think of this "state" and while our children are older we haven't gone through any major changes as a ((human)) family)
  • No one noticed that I am horrible at following through on things...
  • You already know the story of why the pets in our house are not here any longer so I do not have to post a sad piece about that...
  • You can't wait to read my thoughts on reality television, people I am professionally DONE with, and my other mostly random thoughts...
Let's just get back on track so I can start posting blogs again without having guilt for not filling you in on what you may have missed.


  1. Ok. Deal. As long as you cook for me one day...LOVE your food posts! :)

  2. That is a deal -- the next meal I'll try to take pictures through the process -- and you're always welcome for dinner --feel like a vacation in Nebraska??

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