Sunday, June 20, 2010

1 week house update

So it has been an entire week in the new house and we are really loving it. The house is fully functional. We have all of the rooms together except part of the garage. The car is in but not the truck yet. The office went together yesterday and I even got the webcam mostly back up. I need an 8+ foot ladder in order to run the cable from the computer desk to the front window (See the little window over the door on the second floor in the picture?). It is right now just pointing at that window from the computer desk that is built into the house. Later this week it will be looking out that window with any luck.

We lost a couple of pieces of furniture in the move due to age, breakage, etc but for the most part it worked out pretty well. The final inspection on the old house is Tuesday morning and that will be it for that joint.

Drew's cast comes off in a little over a week. I will also be heading out to Virginia again the last week of June first week of July.

Natalie is doing really well with taking care of her brother and is enjoying going around the neighborhood. We are trying get her together with one of her girl friends to play but things keep getting in the way each day.

Aimée is doing excellent and so am I. The house has really been a great idea and well worth the work/effort. They actually used some brains on parts of it. The garage cement is slanted unlike the old house which will keep the water from pooling during the snow/rain time! Aimée loves her new kitchen (did you see the pictures?) and that makes all of our tummies very happy! They didn't put a hole in the built in desk so there are some wires that I can't hide. All of the toilets and restroom counters are made for midgets or kids and are pretty short for Aimée and I. Oh well, a little give and take I guess.

Today is our 12th anniversary and the Hallmark Holiday "Fathers Day". So we will do a little relaxing and enjoying the nice day in the nice house with some not nice rain! You all have a great day.

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  1. Sally3:20 PM

    Happy for you all! The house looks great!