Monday, June 28, 2010

Delta and Atlanta

I have had my share of issues w/ Delta and Atlanta over the years. I have had to sleep on the floor because US Airways was flying to Fayettville but Delta couldn't and it was "an act of God" for Delta but not US Airways. I have spent 20 hours on Air France/Delta and then have to fight for my seat from Atlanta to Tuscon. I never make it through that damn airport w/out Aircrew not showing up or significant delays. I have tried the Zen concept the last couple of trips and it has gotten better until this last flight.

Here is the letter I sent to Delta about Sunday's fun:

I arrived in Atlanta on Delta 5289 from Omaha at about 1:30pm on the 27th. I proceeded to gate C51 to exchange my “Seat Reservation” for a confirmed seat for my next flight, Delta 5104 that took off at 3:30pm. There was no counter personnel at C51 so I asked the lady at C53 (to the left of C51) if she could help me out. She said that she could only help for the counter she was assigned and instructed me to return to C51 at 2:30pm, one hour before departure to receive my seat assignment. Now, my first question is why couldn’t she help me? There was nobody in line for her flight and there didn’t appear to be a flight for at least an hour out of her gate. It would seem to me that any Delta Agent should be able to assist for any flight and if nothing else she should have been able to get out of her chair to 1. Answer me, but 2. Walk to the next counter to assist me and the other passenger I was traveling with.

I returned to C51 at 2:30 and asked the lady at gate C49 (to the right of C51) when the agent would arrive. She said any minute. After 15 minutes I went back to her gate where she was chatting with another Delta employee, to see when our agent would arrive for C51. There were about 6 to 10 people in line at C51 and no passengers at any of the other 3 counters near us that where all manned with Agents. She repeated any minute. I asked for more clarity since she had said that 15 minutes prior. She told me that the lady I was waiting for was working at gate C55 (two gates to the left of C51) and would be over shortly. (Note: there were no passengers at C47 but two Delta Employees) At 2:52 Linda L. came over to C51 after talking to the employee at C53. I asked her to assist me with my ticket and she said “That is not my problem I am going off shift”. There were at least 6 witnesses to this statement. I then asked when someone would be coming over to assist the gate. She repeated it was not her problem as she was off shift. The new agent would be coming in to assist after they came on shift. I explained that the plane was due for takeoff at 3:30 and I didn’t have my seat. She repeated that it wasn’t her problem and she was off shift. She said she would leave the walkie talkie and I could deal with the next agent. And despite the requests of other passengers in line for assistance she left the counter unattended.

At about 3:05pm Juzelle M. arrived at the counter. I mentioned that she was unfortunately about to deal with a good deal of unhappy customers. She said, something to the effect that it wasn’t a big deal. I then requested my seat and to talk to a manager about the lack of support from Linda Lawrence. Juzelle told me I had to wait while she logged in. It took her a few minutes to log on. She had to call for assistance two times but did not mention that I had requested the supervisor. When she finally provided me my seat I requested the supervisor again and she said “you got what you wanted, why should I call the manager?” I told her I wanted the supervisor right now and she said she would get them when she could. Slow does not begin to explain the pace this young lady works. I waited a couple of minutes and when she started to board passengers without calling the supervisor or working through the rest of the line for this flight, I asked the agent at C53 to call a manager. This polite lady asked what had happened and I explained it and she promptly called Mrs. XXXX.

Mrs. XXXX listened to me and 2 other passengers explain what happened and she provided me your email address. She explained that she would do what she could at her level but suggested I also email you.

Now I don't know what will come of it but I really do get tired of dealing with Delta in Atlanta. The other passengers are great. I enjoy traveling through Atlanta in my uniform, the respect and the many handshakes really make it so enjoyable, however, the employees...well they suck!

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