Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 Offutt EDO

So last year at this time I got to go to my second Enlisted Dining Out (read here). This year was MUCH more fun than last year. We had a miracle showing of 20 last year but this year we doubled that with 39 folks (including some spouses) attending. That's a huge turnout for the Squadron. Aimée looked OUTSTANDING as she always does. We had a great time and enjoy the evening.

There's Aimée and I at the end of the evening. She was a great that night. I am so glad she went and I think she enjoyed herself just people watching!

The 20th's Mascot is Yosemite Sam, this is the one we take to the table for all of our dinners and events. We also took our cap guns and ended up sending the entire Squadron to the Grog bowl over the cap guns. This years grog was MUCH worse than last year. Cold kernels of corn are really hard to drink down!

They guys hanging out after the dinner was over enjoying a good bit of fresh air and nice drinks.

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