Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tendon Surgery

Since 2004 I have had pain in my left inner foot around the ankle. A doctor back at Vandenberg put the foot in a cast for 6 weeks and that seemed to work for a while. It has hurt off and on from time to time but for the most part wasn't the worst thing in the world. Fast forward to this summer and as I was running it really started to get bad again and the usual ice/elevation/motrin wasn't doing anything to help it out. So after entirely too long of waits between different doctors I finally got an MRI the other week and it turns out that the tendon that goes from the muscles under the calf muscle that goes to the big toe has a tear, a cyst and some fluid build up near the ankle. So now to fix the damn thing I get another winter surgery (last year was the damn hernia). Friday is the fun. Aimée will keep updates for all to enjoy or for us to remember in another year!

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