Friday, November 12, 2010


7:17 am: Waiting for the kids to get off to school, we're leaving here around 9am!

7:24 am: I'm going to try to keep texting to a minimum while I'm at the hospital so my phone's battery survives. Have to be able to take calls from the kids' school if need be. I'll have my computer and will update this post as the day goes by.

1:22 pm: This is honestly the first time I have been able to get connected to the computer. We arrived here at UNMC at 9:45 am and didn't go back to pre-op until 12:20. I just got to the surgery waiting room about 20 minutes ago (this is where I am, using their questionable Internet access). The surgery should take about two hours and everyone was really nice. Aside from the ridiculous wait, things are going smoothly. Will post again when there is more to report!

2:14 pm: Nothing to report, really. I had to move out of the surgery waiting room because I wasn't able to receive phone calls in there. Of course, they do have a table for my laptop which would make game playing a lot easier, but I have to be able to get calls. The lady who is in charge of getting peoples attention when their person is out of surgery looks like that old lady from the Hallmark cards, Maxine. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

2:43 pm: "Maxine" just let me know that Dave is in recovery. Dr. Allison should come and talk to me soon!

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