Sunday, January 09, 2011

Here we go again

This morning I looked at Aimée and realized she was looking a little yellow (Oh crap here we go again). So off to the hospital we went for a quick blood draw. I called the transplant nurses and they waited for the lab results and then "ASKED" us to come on in. The doctor wanted to perform a biopsy and start a medicine regiment to help stop the body from fighting the liver again. Not sure why its in rejection but we will get to that after we get to stopping the rejection.

Aimée and I are just chilling out in the room watching the snow slowly fall out side. We actually have a good list of channels on the TV so she is happy. She is in great spirits and aside from the yellow in her eyes you would have no idea there is anything wrong. Nobody knows the plan beyond the biopsy so we will just sit back and wait.

Sally has the kids at the house and pending weather they might not even get asked if they want to go to school tomorrow. We are letting them make that decision. They are old enough to know when they can't focus and need to stay home.

We will update as something happens/changes.

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  1. Keeping her in our thoughts and prayers.