Thursday, January 06, 2011

Little Update

So Aimée has been updating more than me. I never thought I would say that. Since this is for us for later I need to tell me what is going on so I won't forget.

The foot is doing amazing. I have finished physical therapy and then I saw the surgeon this week. I am completely cleared to live my life how I want (as the foot is concerned). I will start running at PT tomorrow at work and see how it goes. I have tips and suggestions (too many really) on how to get back to running so I think I will be okay. I just need to get over being worried that I will hurt it more.

For something super cool, my wife got me 2 presents this week for my upcoming vacation to Korea. I saw the "Smartest Captain in the Air Force" (who I work with) have this first one on her desk and I had to ask Aimée for it. Then Aimée got me the second just because she thought I would like it. I think they are both awesome and can't wait to bust them out on someone at work in Korea! If you want your own, the pictures are hyperlinked to a store you can buy them from.

Well really that's all I got for now. I just really wanted to say how cool my wife is for getting me those stamps!

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